Personal Training Sessions

Personal Training Sessions





Available twice a month on Saturday afternoons, please see Subscriptions & Prices tab for pricing details:

• 30 minutes online
• 30 or 60 minutes in-class at Finsbury Park

Online and In-class personal training sessions with a fully qualified SSCA Instructor, tailored to each individual students needs.


We get it, not everyone can follow along in a group class, and we find that a private session is far more rewarding for some individuals. Because of this, personal training sessions will be available for students who would like to go over any technical aspect they may like some extra help with, or for those who are struggling to pick up details in a group class setting.


The above one-to-one prices are additional to any current subscriptions that a student is paying for, either in-class and/or online programmes. A subscription is not required but does provide a student discount on personal training. For those considering a personal training option only, please note that a minimum of 120 minutes per month is recommended in order to maintain progression within the programme.



Finsbury Park: Based in the Wu Shi Studio on Blackstock Road, this venue is the home of the Silver Sabres Combat Academy and the space is shared with the Wu Shi Tai Ji & Qi Gong Association. A beautiful intimate little studio suitable for personal training, small groups and master classes, the Wu Shi Studio is located just a few minutes walk from Finsbury Park Train Station and is serviced by numerous bus routes as well as two underground lines. Facilities include a toilet, small seating area, with many shops and supermarkets available immediately outside for refreshments and food.


Please note that the studio has no dedicated parking space. Street parking is available for a fee using local authority Park & Pay points. Street parking is free from 6.30pm Monday-Saturday and all day Sunday, whilst the Emirates Stadium remains closed to events. Fees will be reapplied on event days when the stadium reopens to the public.


Wu Shi Tai Ji Quan & Qi Gong Association
20 Blackstock Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4 2DW
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