Instructor, Level 2, Sabre Etching Artist


Ion is the Silver Sabres Creative Officer, and she holds degrees in Graphic Design & Illustration. She is a professional visual artist who has dedicated her life to mastery of the brush as well as the sword! As a member of The 501st, The Rebel Legion and The Mandalorian Mercs, Ion is known for her truly epic cosplays! Her design and crafting skills are legendary, and she works hard to develop armour prototypes and sabre concepts behind the scenes.

Ion began her martial arts journey 20 years ago, and her roots lie in Iwama Ryu Aikido (boken and bo staff) and Kendo. Her sword art journey also includes training in Medieval sword and shield fighting as a historical re-enactment fighter, and she is also a level 3 Reiki practitioner. As a mother of two, she is no stranger to working with children and has extensive experience in running workshops and crafting events for young artists! Including teaching the Silver Sabres syllabus at conventions and events since 2017.

“Meditation, sword, brush. Master one and you will master the other two. But you can not learn one without learning the other two. They are all connected.”

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