We are a UK based LED Sabresmith specialising in the design and manufacture of LED Sabres for martial artists and stunt performers. All of our designs go through rigorous testing in class and tournament before being made available for purchase.

"Our philosophy is to prioritise the ergonomics and durability of our hilts."

The result is a timeless simplicity without any unnecessary features, and a pure focus on performance. All designs are modular with individual electronic components available as required, so each hilt can be repaired as necessary. All our hilts are installed by fully qualified LED Sabre Instructors, and come with a 6 month warranty. Ongoing maintenance and repairs are available for a set fee.


An intergalactic 25% discount is available on all hilts and blades, for all active Level 2+ members of the Silver Sabres Combat Academy!*

Bulk order discounts are also available for schools and LED Sabre instructors, email us at foundry@silver-sabres.com for details.

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A slimline stunt sabre designed purely for training and duelling. This is a no frills, well balanced hilt that is built to last. A favourite training tool among many of our students and friends due to its light weight and comfortable design.


The Evolution comes fully installed with your choice of single LED blade colour and switch, a 3.7v Li-ion 18650 battery, a recharge port, and USB-DC charging cable. This hilt can be supplied with our without a medium grade polycarbonate blade.


Build your own LED Sabre, and save yourself some coin, with our Evolution DIY kit! This includes the hilt components, a 9v RGB LED with heat sink module, a switch, a 3.7v Li-ion 18650 battery with chassis, a recharge port, USB-DC charging cable, plus a selection of wires and heat shrink to get you started. With or without blade. Please note that these are exempt from the 6 month warranty.


Length: 290mm  |  Width: 32mm  |  Weight: 286g


Hilt & Blade bundle: £170 
Hilt only: £150



Based on the design of a traditional Terrestrial Longsword, the Excelsior was built purely for competition duelling. This heavyweight design features a shaped grip for perfect technique, and canted quillons for ease of wielding. The limited edition run of 50 hilts has proven so popular with many LED sabre duelists, that we only have a few left for sale!


This beautiful hilt comes fully installed with your choice of main blade and side blade colours, two 90mm bullet tipped side blades, a switch, a 3.7v Li-ion 18650 battery, recharge port, and USB-DC charging cable. This hilt can be supplied with our without a medium grade polycarbonate main blade. Why not make it extra unique with some bespoke etching by Ion Silental!


Length: 410mm  |  Emitter width: 32mm  |  Cross section: 130mm  |  Weight: 765g


Hilt & Blade bundle: £500
Hilt only: £480 



All of our sabre hilts have a polished, brushed aluminium finish as standard. We can provide additional options and third party services, such as wraps and powder coating, to add a splash of colour.


We are also privileged to provide bespoke etching and wrapping by artist Ion Silental, to help tailor your hilt to suit your personality or cosplay. To find out more and request a free quote, email the Foundry via the button below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your design requests.


Heatshrink Grip: £20  (included on all Elysium hilts)
Leather Wrap: £35-£60
Etched Leather Wrap: from £60
Etching: from £180



Medium grade polycarbonate LED Sabre blade, suitable for training and duelling. Approved for use in the LSOT and Linton Cup LED Sabre Tournaments. White finish, with a round tip, reflective mirror and inner diffusion film. Supplied full length at 920mm, this blade can also be cut down for younger students upon request.


Length: 920mm  |  Width: 25.4mm  |  Thickness: 2mm



*Student discount terms and conditions: The 25% student discount is applicable to all active members of the Silver Sabres Combat Academy, who hold a current Level 2+ qualification. Offer of discount will be withdrawn from any member whose subscription has lapsed for more than 31 days, or those in membership payment arrears. Grip wrapping services, third party bespoke services, charging cables, grub screw kits, batteries, and repair requests, are exempt from the student discount.

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