Captain, Head Instructor, Level 7


Faisal is a 6th Generation Student of Wu Style Tai Ji Quan since 1995, and has been a full time professional martial arts instructor since 2004. In 2013, He was made an apprentice (Tudi) to his teacher Michael W. Acton, a 5th generation indoor student of Grandmaster Li Liqun of Shanghai. He has trained in unarmed methods, Jian (double edged straight sword), Dao (single edged broadsword/sabre) and Spear. He also practices the original Fast Form of Tai Ji Quan, passed down from Yang Lu Chan via Ma Yeuh Liang.

Faisal uses a blend of traditional and modern methods. He insists on a strict requirement to master the basics first, but also insists that learning must be fun! He has worked with actors and fight directors, dancers, musicians, martial artists and stunt-persons, teaching martial technique, self defence, kinesiology and therapeutic Qi Gong. He is a senior instructor with the Wu Shi Tai Ji Quan & Qi Gong Association and partner in a 5 star therapeutic clinic in North London, as well as teaching in universities, schools, health centres, community centres, seminars and conventions. He has been working with children for over 30 years, and is a fully qualified anatomist, personal trainer and gym instructor, as well as being the Director and Head Instructor of the Silver Sabres Combat Academy.

A dedicated fan of both Kung Fu and science fiction, he is totally committed to helping his human friends achieve world peace and space travel, and has volunteered to remain on Planet Earth until the mission is complete!

“There is no charge for awesomeness… or attractiveness”

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