Instructor, Level 3


A trained actor and lover of all things nerdy, Verena ventured across the Channel in their intergalactic pursuit of glory and fame, stumbling straight into The Silver Sabres Combat Academy upon arrival. Within seconds of watching the display of brilliant skill and high-quality entertainment they knew they had to add this arrow to their quiver! Verena has found a deeper understanding of their body and mind within the syllabus, which in turn has added a new layer to the fight performance and motion capture training that they acquired with the BADC, BASSC and Performance Captured UK.

At the beginning of the COVID Pandemic, Verena was diagnosed with cancer. They focussed on the Qigong and Healing components of the syllabus in order to support their recovery, and as a natural consequence of that intense programme, Verena has made their way through to the rank of a qualified instructor and is able to share the knowledge and experience they acquired along that way in both English and German.

SilverSabres Crest