Intermediate @ Finsbury Park

Intermediate @ Finsbury Park





Tuesday, 8.30pm – 10pm
Level 2+


This class is accessible on the Finsbury Park (Tue) subscription plan. Please see Subscriptions & Prices tab for pricing details.

In class is where we hone our skills, putting into practice all we have learnt in the foundations of our training! These sessions at Finsbury Park are open to Level 3+ students that have passed their level 2 assessments. For beginners, we have other classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, plus Hendon on Fridays.


Introducing and developing a wider vocabulary of cuts and wields, this class explores beyond the basics and starts the journey towards duelling and arena combat. This in-class session covers all aspects of sabre technique and footwork, preparing the student for the partner exercises, drills, and tourney combat that they need to complete for their level 3+ assessments.


Confused about levels? See our Student Programme for further information on the 7 levels of the Silver Sabres Syllabus!



Finsbury Park: Based in the Wu Shi Studio on Blackstock Road, this venue is the home of the Silver Sabres Combat Academy and the space is shared with the Wu Shi Tai Ji & Qi Gong Association. A beautiful intimate little studio suitable for personal training, small groups and master classes, the Wu Shi Studio is located just a few minutes walk from Finsbury Park Train Station and is serviced by numerous bus routes as well as two underground lines. Facilities include a toilet, small seating area, with many shops and supermarkets available immediately outside for refreshments and food.


Please note that the studio has no dedicated parking space. Street parking is available for a fee using local authority Park & Pay points. Street parking is free from 6.30pm Monday-Saturday and all day Sunday, when there are no events on at the Emirates Stadium, otherwise ‘match day’ fees will apply. Please see boards along the roads for match day details and fee times.


Wu Shi Tai Ji Quan & Qi Gong Association
20 Blackstock Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4 2DW
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