"We are the Silver Sabres Combat Academy"

In a modern world where the art of the sword has been functionally redundant for centuries, it may be considered that the study of traditional martial arts is unnecessary. However, as the human race continues to evolve, and as we move farther from our evolutionary origins, our bodies become troubled by the lack of appropriate activity and our minds become muddled by the vast amounts of information we have to process on a daily level.

In order to address these concerns, we need a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. It is our belief that one of the most effective environments for exploring these considerations, is Martial Arts.

By creating a safe and educated environment in which to explore these arts, we are allowing ourselves to rediscover the natural function of our bodies, restoring ourselves and achieving balance.


"LED Sabre is a new combat sport, designed to create epic duels with beautiful weapons of light"

It is an opportunity for individuals to express themselves, and to safely explore the many diverse cultures of sword and stick fighting from across the world, throughout history and beyond!

It is a Sport – Safe and competitive.
It is an Art – A form of expression, a journey for the soul.
It is Entertainment – Fun for the audience and fun for the fighters.

The Silver Sabres Combat Academy teaches a unique blend of traditional martial arts and theatrical Display Fighting, designed to allow students to engage in epic cinematic combat whilst in competition or on display.

Through sparring and games we explore physical literacy and mindfulness, practicing discipline and self control in an inclusive environment appealing to both adults and children.

Inspired by popular science fiction, with participants welcome to compete in full costume, our programme is popular with actors and dancers, athletes and martial artists, and most importantly, fans of films, books and comics!

The LED Sabre consists of a hollow polycarbonate tube, attached to an aluminium hilt, and illuminated by a powerful internal LED. It’s light, well balanced, durable, and exceptionally safe for use in competitive combat sports, when combined with the correct protective equipment and training.

SilverSabres Crest