Here at the Silver Sabres Combat Academy, we have developed an educational programme suitable for many different types of schools, universities and institutions.

We can provide the specialist training that your staff will need in order to deliver LED Sabre sessions independently and can supply and help source the equipment needed to set up a new club. Alternatively we can also provide complete third party services to deliver our sessions onsite for your students and clients, including the provision of sabres and basic safety equipment. Both options can be tailored according to your specific budget by adjusting the level of the content being delivered.

Our basic packages consist of weekly sessions for up to 10 students per instructor, and can be integrated into your existing physical education programmes, enrichment sessions, after school clubs and morning warmup sessions.

The classes take the format of ongoing courses and are designed to fit into three 10 week terms per year. Level 3+ instructors can train teams for tournaments and host their own internal competitions. Level 4+ instructors are capable of adapting the syllabus to fit unorthodox timescales, formats and clients.



Our experienced team of instructors and performers have successfully delivered classes to thousands of participants over dozens of national events.

Our unique blend of martial arts and theatre provides an engaging and educational experience for guests at any event, with our specially adapted level 1 syllabus fitting neatly into 20 minute sessions for as many participants as the space can safely accommodate. We usually operate with a maximum ratio of 4:1 students to instructors, in order to make sure that the participants are closely supervised. Guests with special needs can be inducted in one-on-one personal training sessions to ensure their inclusion at any event.

At larger events, with a full crew of instructors, the option for fight displays and performances also becomes available! This is a favourite with our fans and consists of both gritty tournament style combat and also the unique Silver Sabres epicness that is our team fully costumed, unchoreographed and fighting purely for the glory and adulation of the crowds!


The Silver Sabres Combat Academy also provide a bespoke service for charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Our classes are very popular at fund raising events and open days, and we frequently help with collections at the end of every class and display. Our costumed and talented instructors add colour and life to any event, and our booking system encourages guests to arrive early and stay as long as possible, increasing their time and exposure to the rest of the activities at these events.

In order to qualify for our special rates, all enquiries will need to provide us with a charity registration number, or other official recognition of their NFP status. Our instructors have agreed in advance to provide these services at no cost, and the rates are generally the minimum expenses required in order for us to attend. We usually require several months notice at a minimum, as demand is quite high.


If you are looking to arrange a date to celebrate a special occasion, or perhaps simply wanting to organise a workshop for a group of friends as an experience day, then look no farther! We can provide instructors and sabres for any group regardless of experience or special needs.

The Level 1 LED Sabre experience is designed as a one off session that introduces participants to the basic language of the sabre. It is perfect for team building exercises, and the emphasis of the experience can be physical exertion, mindfulness, discipline or simply having fun!

For extended sessions, we can expand into footwork and partner exercises, and if the participants reach the minimum standard within the allotted time, then the possibility of a little competitive sparring becomes available! Maybe even a mini tourney? This is ultimately dependant on the team working together and supporting each other throughout the syllabus, maintaining a clear focus and demonstrating an ongoing capacity for learning.

What initially seems like quite a frivolous fun activity rapidly reveals itself to be anything but, with participants having to work hard and concentrate in order to get it right and pass each stage.

Because LED Sabre is a martial art with significant consequences for poor performance, it is a perfect environment for assessing candidates for command and establishing who will be the first to buckle under pressure! Simple instructions, repeated to perfection, applied in combat and leading to victory!

Are your team up to the challenge?
Or will they fold?
There’s only one way to find out…

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