"The Silver Sabres Combat Academy is uniquely able to offer our bespoke MoCap services to the film and gaming industry!"

Our level 5+ fighters are trained to deliver epic spontaneous fight performances, and whilst we train with LED Sabres for tournament purposes, our traditional sword art is equally at home in fantasy or sci-fi settings, re-enactments and historical period projects. No two fights are ever the same, and no performance is ever repeated twice! Our unique approach to combat allows us to record fights with no preparation beyond walking onto the set and facing down the opponent!

Whilst there will always be a demand for storyboarded choreographed performances by stunt persons and actors, the service we provide is quite distinct. Our performers are able to walk into the volume and record numerous fights without needing extensive preparation and rehearsals. This reduces the lead time on production, and hence returns considerable savings for any project that needs incidental fight performances for background scenes.


"The Silver Sabres Syllabus presents an incredible opportunity for professionals to upgrade their sword art!"


We run special workshops and events for those who would require an induction into our methods, and we can tailor delivery to fit with any existing syllabus to synchronise with stage and screen fighting courses. Our level 1 & 2 content is perfectly compatible with stage fighting methods, and deliverable in once a week ongoing classes or one off seminars!

Additionally, the inclusion of our level 3 competitive programme into any training of theatrical sword arts is a valuable opportunity for performers to consolidate their learning and achieve a new familiarity with their weapons of choice! Sports are a fantastic way to build teams and forms bonds between players, increasing their confidence in the language of the blade and allowing them to focus on the delivery of the story rather than the perfection of technique.


Our attention to detail, and our experience with kinesiology and anatomy, allows us to study posture and movement in ultra high resolution. The natural consequence of adding these tools to any skillset is improved photogenic results and reduced injury and fatigue.

"Our intention is to introduce artists to an authentic martial practice, so they are totally prepared for any leading role!"


Anyone familiar with the working environment of film sets and theatres knows how high the pressure can rise, and the inclusion of advanced mindfulness techniques makes the Silver Sabres Syllabus absolutely indispensable. Mental health and emotional wellbeing are as important in any performance as muscle and bone, and storytellers who have to wear masks and change identity regularly would be wise to invest in establishing anchors to help them return to being themselves once the show has ended.

The meditation and Qi Gong form part of a self care routine that prevents burnout and helps professionals achieve a sustainable practice.

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