Four Sessions – £50

This is a live, four week online course, covering the essential foundational elements of the Silver Sabres Syllabus. To register for the next course, simply click on the ‘Register for Online’ button below and follow the registration prompts. 


Class content will include; basic wielding, basic defences, stances, footwork, and cutting drills. All studied in the comfort of your own home. The one-off price provides access to the weekly 60 minute online sessions for the course duration of four weeks. Due to the linear nature of this course, mid-course drop-ins are not available.



Session 1: Intro – The Basic Wields, Cuts & Parries, Session 2: Footwork – The Stances & Steps, Session 3: Cut Geometry – The 8 Outside-Line Cuts, Session 4: Flow – Exploration of Step & Cut Combinations


In order to participate we require you to have access to an LED sabre, a foam LARP sword, a plastic/nylon/wooden sword, or something of a similar size and shape. This course is suitable for those who want to pick up some basic skills, and are unable to attend regular group classes or personal training sessions. It’s also useful for existing students who may wish to add additional depth to their Level 1 training outside of the class.


Whilst this course only covers the essential basic elements, those who continue to attend regularly will benefit from increased flexibility, balance, and stamina from the physical literacy and cardio aspects included within the course. This course also opens up the opportunity to attend our Online Sabre Cardio sessions.


June: Mondays, 3rd June – 24th June 2024, 8.30-9.30pm

July: Mondays, 1st July – 22nd July 2024, 8.30-9.30pm

A reduced concessionary rate is available for the following qualifying individuals; Under 18’s; Seniors; Students (NUS registered); Public Sector Workers (NHS, Teachers, Fire Service, Police & Armed Forces); Unemployed, or low waged (earning under £16k per annum). Please inform us via email before booking if you think this may apply to you. Proof of status will be required. Excludes Trial Classes, Drop-In Classes, and Private Tuition.


It is worth noting that fully understanding the art of the sword requires regular in-person one-on-one combat. Should you choose to study online, you will be removing a chunk of the syllabus from your training. Therefore, students who study exclusively online will not be eligible to try-out for Tournament or Events Team participation, due to the omission of essential in-class partner training which is covered in Levels 2-5. 



30 Minutes – £30

We get it, not everyone can follow along in a group class, and we find that a private session is far more rewarding for some individuals. Because of this, personal training sessions will be available for students who would like to go over any technical aspect they may like some extra help with, or for those who are struggling to pick up details in a group class setting.


Sessions are held online via Zoom. Please email us at info@silver-sabres.com, to enquire about online private tuition, and to discuss available time slots.


Fees for personal training sessions are additional to any current plan that a student may be subscribed to, either in-class and/or online. These sessions are exempt from concessionary discounts.

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